Why most MNC’s look for specially certified employees

In today’s competitive job market, regardless of your qualification and experience you need a competitive advantage over your fellow-candidates. Hiring a candidate without the right knowledge and skill set will affect the candidate and the employer as well. We wouldn’t say that certifications are the ultimate path to fetch your dream job, but they are the best way to let your employers know that you are that professional who will certainly make a difference to the company.

If you are a working professional with people having varied skills around you, having a professional certification will surely make you stand out. Apart from helping you enhance your knowledge and skills, certifications will provide you a competitive edge over your team members. Trending certifications will make you a valuable asset to your company.

Importance of certifications

Certifications are the gateway to innumerable career opportunities for IT employees. But most professionals find it tough to figure out the ideal way to make these certifications align with their career goals.

Most people consider special certifications are the perfect way to:

– Improve their earning potential

– Get more job opportunities

– Uplift their career to the next level

According to an article by Forbes, Security-related certifications pay on average over $17,000 per year more than the median IT certification salary (https://www.forbes.com/sites/louiscolumbus/2017/03/18/15-top-paying-it-certifications-in-2017/?sh=7da391e35676).

Why do companies prefer certified professionals?

Professional certifications are not just useful for those looking for better opportunities, but are equally beneficial for already working employees of a company who want to prove their skills to their Managers.

Office environment has matured big time- so has the employers’ mindset. Companies don’t just look for candidates with knowledge and skills; they seek for validation of the skill sets. And to be precise, they look for relevant certifications. This helps them filter candidates and find out who will help the company keep pace with the fast-evolving world.

We will now see the different reasons why certified candidates are the potential recruits in today’s market.

Fresh employees

Candidates with special certifications are always the first ones to grab the attention of recruiters when it comes to hiring fresh employees. A few important features of certification programmes as mentioned below will explain why employers prefer them:

– Clearly defined program goals

– Customized curriculum

– Good knowledge and skill sets upon completion

– Real-time projects

Working employees

One of the main barriers to growth in companies is the skill gap within the existing teams. To address this gap and help the company progress, the employers recommend their employees to take up certification programs.

Holding certifications can be a saviour for employees in case the following situations arise:

– Teams/departments get reorganized

– New projects require new skills

– Cross-functional teams work together

– Company merges with other companies

In such cases, the employers will look for a more realistic approach instead of recruiting new employees- The management will look to upskill their teams with relevant certifications.

Top certifications recruiters are looking for

Before taking up any certification, get to know the value it holds in your career as well as today’s market. Some of the special certifications companies are looking for are, Certification on: Artificial Intelligence, AWS, Microsoft Azure, Cyber Security, Digital Marketing, Data Science, and GCP to name a few. You can get these certifications done from reputed institutes and one of them is Vepsun Technologies.

After all, professionals with certifications are the catalysts for a major transformation in the current world.


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