The importance of E-Learning during COVID-19

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, e-learning was widely accepted and preferred, especially by working professionals. Online learning was the ideal way for professionals to advance their careers without quitting their jobs. However, today COVID-19 has got us all locked inside our homes and made e-learning the new norm.

Whenever it is not our choice or preference of any change, it can be really hard to adjust like the current global pandemic. The change was a sudden one, which happened in moments and had an intense effect on all our lives. It shifted the routines and realities upside down without giving much time to prepare. One such field that’s impacted during the pandemic was education and training field.

However, as they say ‘every cloud has a silver lining’, there was a silver lining in the form of “E-Learning”. E-Learning is an agile and effective way to learn and grow. Let us now explore how virtual learning is saving our lives and a few benefits that we can enjoy now and in the future too.


In today’s world, things move and change at a rapid pace and e-learning gives you the flexibility to change your learning approach along with it. Whether you are a night crawler or a morning person, you can choose your time to learn when it works for you.

Also, from your daytime pajamas to your night time boxers, all dress codes are accepted in e-learning classes. You can have your four-legged friend on your lap and attend the classes or a cup of coffee next to your laptop.

Learn Anytime

E-learning allows you to learn in bite-sized chunks, which means you can fit in your training timings after your office hours or on the weekends. This will help you develop a new skill without much stress as it is you who choose when to attend the training.

It is Social

Virtual learning is fun, convenient and social too. Many training institutes incorporate social elements into learning along with the curriculum which enables learners and trainees to interact with each other. Incorporating such activities increases engagement and keeps them motivated.

Make Use of the Opportunity

You might have been eyeing a promotion or wanting to expand your technical knowledge and skills, but you never had time before COVID-19. So, now is the opportunity for you to leverage all the time you have. You can stay home and get trained on software or tools that will help you fetch promotion or even a better job. You can make use of the various online courses (Azure, AWS, AI, GCP, etc) available at Vepsun, who help in making the leaders in technology of generation next.

Vepsun provides the most sought-after and latest technical courses which the world needs right now like Azure, AWS, GCP, AI, and many more. With Live Online classes available, you can attend the classes from wherever you are. All their programs are certified by world-renowned names like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, Google, etc.

Today, with advanced technologies and fast internet connection at our homes, e-learning is extremely convenient, less time consuming and has various other advantages. The world was already moving towards virtual technology and post covid, the pace has further increased. Learning new technologies and doing certification courses can be a great way to prepare for the future virtual world.

There is no denying the fact that we are currently facing the most challenging time. From our bank balance to the world’s economy, everything’s gone down. But, we need to make use of the available opportunities. Virtual or E-Learning gives us the opportunity to control one segment of our lives and invest in ourselves. Let us think and learn wisely, and march towards the career we have always dreamed of.


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