Need for external learning system beyond school/college

A school or a college is much more than just an institution wherein you learn and get degrees. It is a place where you get the chance to build a life that you envision for yourself. However, employers feel that college graduates don’t have the skills, work ethic, technical knowledge, professionalism and problem-solving skills necessary for the workplace.

Although a lot of students are formally acquiring bachelors’ or masters’ degrees than ever before, there is still a gap between how confident they feel about their skills getting into the corporate world. Additionally, employers are not very confident on how college grads can perform at work.

External training from a reputed training institute will encourage you to learn and grow professionally. It will help you get a job if you’re a student or help you become a productive worker. So, if you have decided to invest in an online learning certification program. Great!

The hardest part now! Which technology to choose? There are various latest technologies taught by training centres that have great value and future. Vepsun provides a broad spectrum of latest technological certification courses including Artificial Intelligence, Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Block Chain, Cyber Security, Digital Marketing, GCP, Data Science, Python with Machine Learning and more. All these courses are certified by Microsoft, Google, AWS, Facebook, etc.

Now, let us see how external training benefits an organization:

–          Having a foundation in technical literacy will help your employees make more informed decisions. This will help reach company goals faster.

–          It will help the developers stay on top of rapidly evolving technologies.

–          Trained workers are more productive and will save the company time and money.

–          Technical training surely reduces business risks.

–          Companies that provide technical training to their employees are likely to outperform those that don’t.

–          It allows for more synchronised team work and boosts confidence.

Technology is slowly penetrating into every part of our lives, especially work and will continue to do so in the future. Technology is automating several manual tasks for better efficiency. It allows us to make better and intelligent decisions.

Here are eight reasons why you need an external technical training as an individual:

1.      A strong and future-proof career

2.      Helps you stay confident in your role

3.      Helps you work smarter and efficiently too

4.      Helps you stay updated and relevant

5.      You will become a valuable asset to your team

6.      Will make you stand out for a promotion

7.      Better chances of being more employable

8.      Finally quench your passion

Regardless of your role, having good technical skills is vital for both you and your organization. Having technical skills and knowing the latest concepts will surely give you a huge advantage in your career.


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