Artificial Intelligence – How it is transforming the world

The buzzwords of this century are surely Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. It is absolutely fascinating to know how these technologies are and will be changing the coming future of human life.

“Artificial Intelligence is going to change the world more than anything in the history of humankind. More than electricity” – Dr. Kai-Fu Lee, American-Taiwanese computer scientist.

From smart homes that run on voice automation commands to driverless cars, AI has advanced drastically and is no longer a VFX concept from sci-fi movies. Experts predict that Artificial Intelligence will be better than the average human at translating languages by 2025, selling goods by 2030 and even conducting surgeries on its own by the mid 21st century. In the coming years, artificial intelligent machines will become an integral part of all our lives, reaching the level of exceeding human intellectual skills.

–          Imagine opening your hotel room door without a key and through facial recognition. Although this service is available in a few expensive star hotels, it will be available at most places in the future.

–          Imagine making your bank transaction without a physical card and just your face.

–          You might not have to wait for the delivery man to deliver goods; instead drones will have your products delivered within minutes of placing the order.

–          Virtual assistants will understand the nuance and context of human conversation and place human-like calls to book appointments.

–          Prepare yourself to be diagnosed by a robot or even operated by a robo-surgeon.

In this article on Artificial Intelligence Future, we can explore the possibilities of a new era and the future with AI and ML.

Based on the current advancements in AI and ML, here is how they will transform the world in the future.

AI Future in Healthcare

·         AI will play a significant role in the healthcare industry as it is expected that nearly 85% mistakes can be prevented.

·         It will surely benefit the patients as it will be more accurate and effective.

·         AI-powered healthcare systems will be smart enough in the future to anticipate when a person is about to develop a chronic disease and cure it before it worsens.

We will still need doctors, scientists, nurses and other healthcare professionals, but AI will simplify theirs and our lives by making clinical data we generate more actionable.

AI Future in Retail

·         The international market for AI in the retail industry is predicted to grow over 5M USDs by 2022.

·         Accenture reports that AI investments in retail will boost revenues by approximately thirty eight percent in the next couple of years.

·         These are a few statistics that are a clear proof of evidence that AI is all set to offer a great future for retailers.

AI to Open New Jobs

In the next couple of decades, AI will outperform humans in most mental tasks. But, that doesn’t mean all jobs would be taken away. According to a report by the World Economic Forum, Artificial Intelligence will create millions of jobs by 2022.

The number of companies that are working on AI-based projects has tripled in just one year. This means that the demand for AI engineers is rising. All you need to do is hone your skills in this field of study. You can learn Artificial Intelligence technology certified by Microsoft from Vepsun and become the first generation leader of the AI revolution.


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