Introduction to IaaS in Azure – Part 4 – Storage in Azure

The Microsoft Azure cloud is constantly evolving and it was time for us to refresh our Introduction to IaaS course in Azure. This is done with a complete update of the content which is now present the storage services in Azure .

On the program: the different types of storage accounts, the different storage services within a storage account: Blob, Table, Queue, File and the associated management tools. The different thirds of Blob storage: Hot / Cool / Archive. The different data redundancy options as well as their encryption. The Azure File file server service and its evolution with Azure File Sync.

To complete this and go further on the topics, some additional resources:

Storage account performance

Blobs size in Azure

Announcing Default Encryption for Azure Blobs, Files, Table and Queue Storage /

Secure transfer


Azure Storage Explorer

Azure Explorer

Storage Tiering

Azure File

Azure File Sync storage-files-schedule

Azure File Share Snapshot storage / files / storage-snapshots-files

Import / Export -export-announcements /

Azure Databox com / en-us / services / storage / data box /

Azure Storsimple /

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