Introduction to IaaS in Azure – Part 3 – Networks in Azure

The Microsoft Azure cloud is constantly evolving and it was time to refresh our Introduction to IaaS course in Azure. This is done with a complete update of the content which is now all fresh on the network services in Azure .

No networks, no cloud. On the program for this third blog: virtual networks, IPv4 and IPv6, interconnection with Site-to-Site VPN or Express Route, Networks Security Group, virtual appliances and Azure Network Watcher.

To complete this and go further on the topics, some additional resources:

Ipv6 in Azure

Multiple VM NICs and Network Virtual Appliances in Azure

Create a VM with multiple NICs

Accelerated Networking

Public IP in Azure -network / virtual-network-ip-addresses-overview-arm

Network Security Group

User Define Routing

Azure VPN Gateway

Azure ExpressRoute

VNet Peering

VNet Global -preview /

Azure Load Balancer

Azure Traffic Manager
Azure Traffic Manager Cmdlets – /library/dn690250.aspx

Azure DDoS Protection

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