Introduction to IaaS in Azure – Part 2 – virtual machines in Azure

The Microsoft Azure cloud is constantly evolving and it was time to refresh our Introduction to IaaS course in Azure. This is done with a complete update of the content which is now all fresh.

On the program: the different families of virtual machines, standard or premium disks, operating systems and supported applications (including SAP HANA), MarketPlace Azure, VM extensions, possible SLAs with availability groups / zones availability, VMScaleSet.

To go further on the topics, some additional resources:

Series B

Dv3 and Ev3 series

Nested Virtualization user-guide / nested-virtualization

Fv2 series

L and Lv2 series Announcing-the-lv2-series-vms-powered-by-the-amd-EPYC-processor /

M series

Microsoft server software support for Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines

Linux kernel optimized for Azure

SAP machines services / virtual-machine / sap-hana

Azure Marketplace

Azure Storage new disks-sizes-up-to-4tb /

VM disk encryption
https: //

Extensions for VM


SLA and VM Azure windows / impactful and maintenance

VMScaleSet virtual-machine scale-sets / virtual-machine-sets-scale design-overview

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