Introduction to IaaS in Azure – Part 1 – Azure Datacenters, administration tools, RBAC

The Microsoft Azure cloud is constantly evolving and it was time to refresh our Introduction to IaaS course in Azure. This is done with a complete update of the content which is now all the basics of Azure and more particularly the Hyperscale infrastructures of Azure datacenters, the tools to administer Azure (portal, PowerShell, Azure CLI…), the organization of resources in a Azure subscription and identity and access management.

To complete this video and go further on the topics, some additional resources:

Microsoft Azure Regions

Networking innovations that drive the cloud disruption

Open Compute specifications

Olympus Project / en-us / blog / Enabling cloud-workload-through-innovation-in-silicon /

Availability Zones azure / availability-area / az-overview

An absolutely awesome Ignite 2017 session on Microsoft datacenters:

Overview of Microsoft compliance

Confidence in the trusted cloud

Azure administration tools

Resource labeling in Azure

Azure QuickStart templates

Deploy ARM models in Azure

Azure Subscription Governance – Resource Group and Naming Convention Strategies

Use Role-Based Access Control to manage access to your Azure subscription resources

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