Why the demand for professionals with GCP/Google Cloud Platform knowledge is rising


GCP or Google Cloud Platform is a group of cloud computing services, launched by Google on 7th April 2008. Similar to other Google products like Google search engine, YouTube, etc. GCP runs on the same infrastructure.

GCP provides certain services and tools that help in configuring networks, managing infrastructures and provisioning servers. With these, GCP also provides a series of modular cloud services such as machine learning, application development, data storage, data analytics and computing. GCP can be accessed by cloud admins, developers, and IT professionals through dedicated networks.

Importance of GCP

After AWS by Amazon and Microsoft Azure, GCP is the third largest Cloud Service Provider in the world. We have explained a few reasons why many opt for GCP over other CSPs.

Scalability: Downscaling is one of the biggest disadvantages of cloud computing, but that’s the case with GCP. GCP provides great ease in up and downscaling.

Cost: Compared to its competitors, GCP services are offered at a very reasonable price in the cloud market. Google provides four key factors in its pricing strategy including: Sub-hour billing, Sustained use discount, customer machine type, preemptible instances.

Integrated Services: In GCP, you can use AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning), IoT, Databases, Big Data analytics, compute engine, security, storage, developer tools simultaneously.

Fast Collaboration: GCP enables fast collaboration for the consumers. Various users can access the projects at the same time.

Server-less Computing: It is a cloud-computing execution model, where CSP operates the server and manages the allocation of resources. This means that the billing will be calculated on the amount of resources consumed, rather than pre-purchased resources.

GCP offers a broad spectrum of products and services, providing services from basic cloud platform services to complex services like IoT, ML, etc.

The benefits of GCP include:

·         High productivity is gained through fast and easy access to innovation.

·         Minimal disruption when users adopt new functionality.

·         Google offers the best pricing plans for stable customers.

·         Excellent flexibility and availability of full control over technologies and data.

·         Customers are benefited by the process-based and security investments.

The demand for individuals with GCP certification is exponentially rising. Read below why to get Google Cloud Certified:

  • 87 percent of Google Cloud certified users feel confident in cloud skills
  • The highest paying certification of 2019 was Professional Cloud Architect
  • 30% of Google Cloud certified users took on leadership roles at work

(Source: https://cloud.google.com/certification)

Now is the right time to learn Google Cloud Platform as the demand and popularity of GCP is rising among SMBs (Small and Medium Businesses) at a very rapid rate. Its adoption simplifies things and also makes them more secure at the best costs. There are various job profiles open for professionals with GCP knowledge. All you need to do is, enrol yourself with the best GCP training centre like Vepsun Technologies and get set to become the first generation leader of Google Cloud Platform Services.


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