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Hello people, present days DevOps has become one of the most wanted things for job
seekers and as well as Organisations, but when you search for what is DevOps on the internet,
different websites are giving different definitions, which is causing confusion. In this post, I am giving some basic overview of what exactly DevOps is.



  1. Linux
  2. Scripting (shell/python)
  3. Virtualization Basics
  4. Networking Basics
  5. Coding ( Not mandatory, if you know coding it’s added advantage )

Certification Procedure:

Present days certification is becoming important for everyone, and so many people are asking, is there any certification for DevOps. The first thing we need to remember there is no organization behind DevOps, it’s completely community-based. And there is no authenticated certification process for DevOps. If someone says I will provide certification for devops they will give you just course completion certificate. But you can go with tools oriented certification, there are so many tools for DevOps in the market, you can pick trending tools and you can go for certification for that tools like Docker, Ansible, Puppet, Kubernetes, etc.,

What exactly DevOps is?

From all the definitions those are available on internet, we can say devops is a s/w approach or we can say it’s a culture.  DevOps is not a tool its, not a product it’s a s/w approach, by using this approach we are creating a common environment for the teams. Which will help organizations to work with high frequency and helps to deliver quality o/p.

Why DevOps ?

But why we need to implement this DevOps Environment for projects?

Four reasons are there to implement DevOps.

  1. Communication
  2. Collaboration
  3. Integration
  4. Automation

Communication & Collaboration :

            Let’s say ram and sam are working for same project in an organization, ram is from development and sam is working in operations team. One day ram completed his code development and he forwarded his code to operations team. Sam started his build procedure and he is getting error with that code so he sent an email to ram to check his code. But ram is saying there is no problem with the code. They started blaming each other which is not good for organization, why because this situation is not between two persons it’s between two teams it will eat time and it may spoil healthy environment in organization.

            By using DevOps functionalities we can make history of each and every action which is happening in development. For example

  • Who is doing changes
  • When change is happened
  • Where exactly it happened
  • At What time he/she did changes

So by using all these things we can provide better communication between teams and we can avoid frictions between teams.

Integration & automation :

            If you observe in 1990’s time if you want to use any application or software we need to got markets and by CD’s and DVD’s those are called as COTS Applications.

            But now every organization is placing their applications in internet from internet we are downloading and we are using. In this modern era every organization is looking to deliver their products with high frequency thats why some organizations are dealing with daily deployments and hourly deployments. If we want to work with speed we need to implement automation for our projects, DevOps will help us to integrate every phase in SDLC procedure and we can trigger automations, which will help you to work faster.

Who can Learn DevOps?

Anyone can learn DevOps all you need is knowledge about SDLC Procedure


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