AWS Custom VPC with public & private Subnet

AWS is providing a default VPC in every region whereas if you want to create a custom VPC as per region steps are as below

As per image will configure a Custome VPC

1. Login in Account 2. Select a region where you want to create a VPC,

Open Service tab and find VPC

Create VPC with CIDR or

Create Public Subnet with CIDR

Create Private Subnet with CIDR

Create an Internet Gateway to route from VPC to internet

Attach IGW to Respective VPC

Create a Route Table for routing

Create RT for Pub-subnet

Create RT for Pri-subnet

Associate Pub-RT with Pub-subnet

Associate Pri-RT with Pri-subnet

Now Public Subnet want to route out, so that configure Routes for Pub-Sub and assign a destination as as global address

now if required configure Auto-assign public IP for Pub-Subnet

And Assign Auto DNS-hostname by AWS

That’s it …

Now you are ready to use your custom VPC …

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