An AWS certification is vital for your career. Know why

The hottest trend in the IT landscape today is undoubtedly Cloud Computing. Every organization in the world is moving their data, applications and infrastructure to the cloud. As a result, professionals with cloud computing knowledge are in high demand regardless of the current COVID pandemic.

While you are planning to do an AWS certification course, you need to know in brief about AWS and its concepts.

What is AWS?

Amazon Web Services is a cloud platform that provides current-demand cloud computing services for both personal and business use. AWS enables you to use web services to develop sophisticated and flexible applications which provide various features like storage services, analytics services, development and management tools, computing, messaging services, app services, database management, mobile networking and more.

God of Cloud Computing

Just like offers cheap, fast and quality services to its customers, AWS also follows the same principle to offer all types of cloud computing services that are faster and better than others. Below are three main features of AWS services:

·         AWS platform is economical to companies.

·         AWS’s offerings vary from business to business (from large businesses to small start-ups), making it scalable.

·         AWS has several data centres regularly monitored and strictly maintained, which makes it very secure.

How an AWS certification is vital for your career?

The future of business technology

Cloud computing is the technology that every business wants today, because it is fast, economical with advanced features than traditional technology. Cloud can give you all the necessary features in just one platform.

Earn high as the demand is high

If you train yourself and understand AWS and technical skills, you can earn high. Below is a list of average salaries of AWS certified professionals (based on the 2019 survey. Source:

CertificationAverage Salary
AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional$148,456
AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate$130,883
AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate$130,610
AWS Certified DevOps Engineer$137,724
AWS Certified Developer – Associate$130,272

Increase your resume weightage

Several MNCs are looking for AWS certified professionals so they are assured that you are following the best practices while implementing the same. So if you’re an AWS certified candidate, your resume will instantly grab the employer’s eyes, increasing your hiring chances.

Become a subject matter expert

AWS has a subject matter expert programme and only those with AWS certification are qualified for this program.

You can become the leader in AWS Cloud computing technology of generation next, earn really high, become a subject matter expert, reach new heights and many more with the help of Vepsun’s AWS Certification courses. You can visit the website at and enrol yourself to become what you desire.


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